descriptioninfobot-web is a web interface to browse a factoid database from an infobot
ownerStuart Prescott
last changeTue, 26 Dec 2017 00:44:04 +0000 (11:44 +1100)
2017-12-26 Stuart PrescottUpdate bot dump URL master
2015-04-23 Stuart PrescottAdd missing php to shorttags
2014-01-18 Stuart PrescottOrder recently requested by number of requests
2014-01-18 Stuart PrescottFix db error logging
2013-12-10 Stuart PrescottDon't import dumps that look too small to be right
2013-11-26 Stuart PrescottUpdate PDO syntax to wheezy version of PDO
2012-12-17 Stuart PrescottFix word breaking on long tables for newer firefox
2012-10-07 Stuart PrescottEnable link to judd's documentation
2012-08-04 Stuart PrescottUse absolute paths for links in theme
2012-07-23 Stuart PrescottAdd gitignore for sql dir and local db config
2012-06-14 Stuart PrescottFix header on "long factoids" page
2012-06-14 Stuart PrescottAdd quality metrics to all tables if configured
2012-06-14 Stuart PrescottColour factoid length when it is too long
2012-06-14 Stuart PrescottMove value formatting functions to _factoid class
2012-06-14 Stuart PrescottDon't byte count formatted factoid value
2012-06-11 Stuart PrescottSet column widths and force wrapping in tables
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