2019-04-04 Stuart PrescottUse https for links to bugs and in help juddbot master
2019-04-04 Stuart PrescottRemove wheezy and jessie-backports from kernels config
2017-08-20 Stuart PrescottUpdate supported repositories in docs
2017-08-20 Michael ProkopUse `env python` in shebang to support usage inside...
2017-08-20 Chris LambSupport buster, etc.
2017-06-18 Stuart PrescottRelease stretch, add buster to Piccy too
2017-06-17 Stuart PrescottRelease stretch, add buster
2016-01-07 Stuart PrescottRemove done_date from bug queries
2015-08-19 Stuart PrescottDisable broken depmod calls
2015-08-19 Stuart PrescottUpdate kernel version regex for 4.x kernels
2015-08-19 Stuart PrescottDisable squeeze from kernels
2015-08-19 Stuart PrescottAdd stretch and jessie-backports to kernels list
2015-08-17 Stuart PrescottFix another short-tag in docs
2015-08-17 Stuart PrescottFix position of 'why' subheader
2015-05-10 Stuart PrescottChange to amd64 for the default output
2015-05-10 Stuart PrescottAdd jessie-updates to list of known releases
2015-05-10 Stuart PrescottMore Python 3 fixes
2015-05-10 Stuart PrescottUpdate docs for list of releases included
2015-04-25 Stuart PrescottRelease jessie; hello stretch
2015-04-21 Stuart PrescottUpdate releases for jessie & stretch
2015-04-21 Stuart PrescottDon't monkey with encoding for stdout in tests
2015-04-21 Stuart Prescottdict changes for py2/3
2015-04-21 Stuart PrescottFix encoding in statement logging for db
2015-04-21 Stuart PrescottFix str/unicode for py2 vs 3
2015-04-21 Stuart PrescottAdopt py3 imports, print, literals
2015-04-21 Stuart PrescottStop using deprecated unittest tests
2015-04-21 Stuart PrescottAdd docs for new relationship commands
2015-04-16 Stuart PrescottFix test suite
2015-04-16 Stuart PrescottAdd test for :any qualifiers
2015-04-16 Stuart PrescottFix type tests for unicode
2015-04-16 Stuart PrescottFix type tests for unicode
2015-04-15 Stuart PrescottFix tests for squeeze->wheezy
2015-04-15 Stuart PrescottFix tests for squeeze->wheezy
2015-04-15 Stuart PrescottAdd commands for breaks and replaces
2015-04-15 Stuart PrescottChange default arch for queries to amd64
2015-04-15 Stuart PrescottDon't choke on :any relationships
2015-04-15 Stuart PrescottFix lots of encoding errors
2015-04-15 Stuart PrescottAdd squeeze-lts to list of known releases
2015-04-15 Stuart PrescottProtect package names in bug search
2015-04-15 Stuart PrescottRemove unused import
2015-04-15 Stuart PrescottUse skipIf not skipUnless for slow tests
2015-04-15 Stuart PrescottDocument steps for removing an architecture
2013-12-15 Stuart PrescottAdd sample config file for public UDD mirror
2013-09-09 Stuart PrescottAdd wheezy-backports to list of known releases
2013-07-30 Stuart PrescottAlso make Contents file symlinks for jessie
2013-07-30 Stuart PrescottAdd wheezy-backports to kernel list
2013-07-25 Stuart PrescottFix up documentation for 'file' command
2013-07-25 Stuart PrescottUpdate documentation for wheezy
2013-05-05 Stuart PrescottRelease wheezy; welcome jessie
2013-05-04 Stuart PrescottRelease wheezy and add jessie
2013-03-21 Stuart PrescottRemove lenny from UDD and judd
2013-03-21 Stuart PrescottChange default release in #d-mentors to sid
2012-12-27 Stuart PrescottAdd details on data sources and aliases
2012-12-27 Stuart PrescottAdd "alternatives" command
2012-11-12 Stuart PrescottTypo fix in docs
2012-11-12 Stuart PrescottUse "closed" not "done" as readable bug status
2012-10-07 Stuart PrescottFix git URL
2012-10-07 Stuart PrescottFix xhtml
2012-10-07 Stuart PrescottNote use of theme
2012-10-07 Stuart PrescottImport documentation for plugins
2012-10-01 Stuart PrescottDon't prefix test commands with : automatically
2012-10-01 Stuart PrescottFix links to Contents files in backports
2012-08-09 Stuart PrescottProtect against format strings when logging sql
2012-08-06 Stuart PrescottUpdate config file location
2012-06-28 Stuart PrescottAdd a "whouploads" command
2012-06-28 Stuart PrescottSuppress logging of associated bug numbers from info
2012-06-28 Stuart PrescottDon't do partial package matches on wnpp searches
2012-06-15 Stuart PrescottAdd aliases for bugs functions to README
2012-06-15 Stuart PrescottMerge branch 'bugs'
2012-06-15 Stuart PrescottAdd armhf and s390x to list of known architectures
2012-06-15 Stuart PrescottFix plugin for bugs separation
2012-06-14 Stuart PrescottSplit bugs functions from packages functions
2012-06-13 Stuart PrescottDisable updating lenny kernels
2012-06-13 Stuart PrescottMerge branch 'master' into juddbot
2012-06-13 Stuart PrescottUpdate search pattern to find 3.4 kernels
2012-06-10 Stuart PrescottFix typo in RFS output
2012-06-10 Stuart PrescottAdd autobug command with throttle to harvest bugs
2012-03-05 Stuart PrescottMake bug-like commands to be subcommands of "bug"
2012-02-20 Stuart PrescottMerge branch 'master' into juddbot
2012-02-20 Stuart PrescottMerge branch 'master' of ssh://angha/~/projects/judd
2012-02-20 Stuart PrescottMerge branch 'master' into juddbot
2012-02-20 Stuart PrescottDelete out-of-date example config files
2012-01-30 Stuart PrescottAdd an "RFS" command to cli and plugin
2012-01-29 Stuart PrescottTear down db connection in test suite
2012-01-29 Stuart PrescottFix test failure in bts classes
2012-01-28 Stuart PrescottMerge branch 'master' into bugs
2012-01-28 Stuart PrescottUpdate default re for bpo kernels
2012-01-28 Stuart PrescottFurther debugging enhancements
2012-01-28 Stuart PrescottMake running in debug mode easier
2012-01-28 Stuart PrescottUpdate refreshdata for squeeze's apt
2012-01-28 Stuart PrescottMake running in debug mode easier
2012-01-25 Stuart PrescottOmit fixed but unarchived bugs from bug summary
2012-01-25 Stuart PrescottImprove date/time in bug summary
2012-01-24 Stuart PrescottUpdate refreshdata for squeeze's apt
2012-01-24 Stuart PrescottAdd bug title searching to cli and plugin
2011-12-14 Stuart PrescottAdd "wnpp" and "rm" bug searches
2011-12-13 Stuart PrescottMerge branch 'master' into bugs
2011-12-06 Stuart PrescottUpdate tests
2011-11-28 Stuart PrescottInclude wnpp information in plugin "info" output
2011-11-28 Stuart PrescottExtend tests for bugs cli