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2019-04-04 Stuart PrescottUse https for links to bugs and in help juddbot master
2019-04-04 Stuart PrescottRemove wheezy and jessie-backports from kernels config
2017-08-20 Stuart PrescottUpdate supported repositories in docs
2017-08-20 Michael ProkopUse `env python` in shebang to support usage inside...
2017-08-20 Chris LambSupport buster, etc.
2017-06-18 Stuart PrescottRelease stretch, add buster to Piccy too
2017-06-17 Stuart PrescottRelease stretch, add buster
2016-01-07 Stuart PrescottRemove done_date from bug queries
2015-08-19 Stuart PrescottDisable broken depmod calls
2015-08-19 Stuart PrescottUpdate kernel version regex for 4.x kernels
2015-08-19 Stuart PrescottDisable squeeze from kernels
2015-08-19 Stuart PrescottAdd stretch and jessie-backports to kernels list
2015-08-17 Stuart PrescottFix another short-tag in docs
2015-08-17 Stuart PrescottFix position of 'why' subheader
2015-05-10 Stuart PrescottChange to amd64 for the default output
2015-05-10 Stuart PrescottAdd jessie-updates to list of known releases
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