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ownerStuart Prescott
last changeWed, 18 Nov 2015 03:29:55 +0000 (14:29 +1100)
2015-11-18 Stuart PrescottUpdate mirror entry to jessie master
2013-09-03 Stuart PrescottUse wheezy as the release name
2012-07-23 Stuart PrescottAdd dependency geoip-database to README
2011-10-08 Stuart PrescottDon't require two / in directory entry
2011-10-08 Stuart PrescottPrevent archs matching ftp/http directory in list
2011-08-04 Stuart PrescottHandle mirror names with non-alpha chars
2011-08-04 Stuart Prescottignore theme symlinks
2011-08-04 Stuart PrescottAdd openstreetmaps version of map
2011-08-02 Stuart Prescottrename html file
2011-08-02 Stuart PrescottAdd README for project
2011-08-02 Stuart PrescottAdd debian-specific icon set
2011-08-02 Stuart PrescottMake mirrors.html +x for xbithack
2011-08-02 Stuart PrescottCombine pins at same location
2011-08-02 Stuart PrescottMove kml template to data section
2011-08-02 Stuart PrescottMake zip quiet in update script
2011-08-02 Stuart PrescottQuiet update output on request
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