2013-05-07 Stuart PrescottUse absolute URLs from trace dir listing master
2013-05-07 Stuart PrescottSupport setting IP for files other than Release
2012-12-31 Stuart PrescottPrepend / to mirror paths if needed
2012-12-27 Stuart PrescottAdd support for "deb" lines from sources.list
2012-12-20 Stuart PrescottDon't show traces of failed mirrors
2012-12-18 Stuart PrescottAdd README
2012-12-18 Stuart PrescottAdd ability to check all hosts in a dns round robin
2012-12-18 Stuart PrescottConditionally import BeautifulSoup (bs4)
2012-12-18 Stuart PrescottAllow IP of mirror to be specified for round-robins
2012-12-18 Stuart PrescottYet more changes to handle trace files
2012-10-21 Stuart PrescottUpdate url pattern
2012-10-21 Stuart PrescottUpdate documentation for trace files
2012-10-21 Stuart PrescottAdd utility to view mirror trace files
2012-10-20 Stuart PrescottSplit mirror class out into separate file
2012-10-20 Stuart PrescottAdd .gitignore
2012-10-20 Stuart PrescottInitial commit of hash checker