2012-02-12 Stuart PrescottImprove debconf prompts master
2012-02-09 Stuart PrescottMerge branch 'master' of ssh://angha/~/projects/pootle
2012-02-09 themill-guestUse dpkg-statoverride in postinst
2012-02-09 themill-guestConditionally install sample po with helper script
2012-02-09 themill-guestRemove po/.tmp in clean
2012-02-09 themill-guestInclude patch from trunk to ensure clean hook imports
2012-02-09 Stuart PrescottUse dpkg-statoverride in postinst
2012-02-07 Stuart PrescottConditionally install sample po with helper script
2012-02-06 Stuart PrescottRemove po/.tmp in clean
2012-01-18 Stuart PrescottInclude patch from trunk to ensure clean hook imports
2012-01-11 themill-guestRecommend xapian-tools for xapian detection
2012-01-11 themill-guestUpdate packaging TODO
2012-01-11 themill-guestFix restart target in init script
2012-01-11 themill-guestConflict against old python-xapian to prevent partial...
2011-11-18 elric-guestAdding myself to Uploaders (as comaintainer)
2011-11-16 themill-guestAdd myself to Uploaders as suggested on list
2011-11-16 themill-guestSet correct dbc_first_version
2011-11-16 themill-guestUpdate copyright file
2011-11-16 themill-guestMove dbc template to /usr/share/pootle
2011-11-16 themill-guestRemove deprecated XB-P-V from control
2011-11-16 themill-guestAdd memcached to recommends
2011-11-16 themill-guestExplain package selection for databases
2011-11-16 themill-guestOnly enable WSGI if it is installed
2011-11-16 themill-guestDepend on python db modules for postinst
2011-11-16 themill-guestEnsure json2.min.js is replaced
2011-11-16 themill-guestUpdate todo based on testing
2011-11-16 themill-guestUpdate changelog
2011-11-16 themill-guestDisable dbc debugging
2011-11-16 themill-guestHandle wsgi/apache config using ucf
2011-11-16 themill-guestHandle localsettings config through UCF
2011-11-16 themill-guestSimplify init scripts with lsb functions
2011-11-16 themill-guestRun PootleServer as selected user/group
2011-11-16 themill-guestRemove DEP3 from TODO
2011-11-16 themill-guestRefresh templates.pot
2011-11-16 themill-guestUpdate patches, adding DEP3 headers
2011-11-16 themill-guestFix typo in changelog
2011-11-16 themill-guestUpdate todo list with testing scenarios
2011-11-16 themill-guestImprove description and templates
2011-11-16 themill-guestUpdate depends/recommends
2011-11-16 themill-guestCatch dbconfig-common database rename
2011-11-16 themill-guesttodo item: ucf for apache config
2011-11-16 themill-guestRecommend db-server packages
2011-11-16 themill-guestHandle permissions and sqlite db better
2011-11-16 themill-guestBugfix in handling debconf data
2011-11-16 themill-guestMake config root:root and change later in postinst
2011-11-16 themill-guestAdd more to TODO list
2011-11-16 themill-guestUse internal djblets since package was removed
2011-11-16 themill-guestUse dbconfig-common to set mysql charset
2011-11-16 themill-guestAdd "purge with sqlite" to the todo list
2011-11-16 themill-guestUpdate changelog (httpd selection and debconf)
2011-11-16 themill-guestAdd the packaging TODO file
2011-11-16 themill-guestImprove standalone and non-dbconfig cases
2011-11-16 themill-guestClean up .translation_index files too
2011-11-16 themill-guestAdd i18n to debconf with po-debconf
2011-11-16 themill-guestAdd debconf webserver config choice
2011-11-16 themill-guestSilence python2.6 DeprecationWarnings
2011-11-16 themill-guestFix default encoding for mysql installations
2011-11-16 themill-guestUpdate README.Debian with new packaging info
2011-11-16 themill-guestUpdate dependencies for dbconfig and wsgi
2011-11-16 themill-guestAdd WSGI snippets to appropriate places
2011-11-16 themill-guestFIx typos in README.Debian
2011-11-16 themill-guestDon't load init script into /etc/init.d
2011-11-16 themill-guestPrefer sqlite db backend if upgrading
2011-11-16 themill-guestHandle existing sqlite installations on upgrade
2011-11-16 themill-guestRefresh dbconfig patch
2011-11-16 themill-guestProperly acknowledge Sam Morris in the changelog
2011-11-16 themill-guestUpdate changelog
2011-11-16 themill-guestUpdate README.Debian for newer pootle
2011-11-16 themill-guestSuggest the apache wsgi module in particular
2011-11-16 themill-guestDon't install pootle.prefs and users.prefs
2011-11-16 themill-guestChange dependencies to use packaged versions
2011-11-16 themill-guestDon't install upstream changelog twice
2011-11-16 themill-guestRemove boilerplate from d/watch
2011-11-16 themill-guestBump S-V to 3.9.2
2011-11-16 themill-guestAdd "Remove quilt b-d" to changelog
2011-11-16 themill-guestRemove build-dep on quilt for 3.0 (quilt) package
2011-06-30 elric-guestdelete call to pycentral in postinst
2011-06-30 elric-guestadding Closes: #616947 due to upgrade to dh_python2
2011-06-30 elric-guestupdate pootle to dh_python2
2011-06-15 elric-guestbump translate-toolkit dependency to 1.9.0
2011-05-27 bubulleAdd files for dbconfig-common support
2011-05-27 bubulledebian/pootle.config, debian/pootle.postinst, debian...
2011-05-27 bubulleCloses: #627958, #585873, #593425, #592448
2011-05-27 bubulle Closes: #627958, #585873
2011-05-27 bubulle* New upstream version, compatible with django 1.3
2011-04-19 bubulleMerge upstream 2.1.6
2010-08-27 bubulleCorrect build dependency on quilt
2010-08-27 bubulleRun update-python-modules before invoking django-admin
2010-07-26 bubulleRelease 2.0.5-0.1
2010-07-23 bubulleNon-maintainer upload with maintainer's agreement
2010-07-23 bubulleNew upstream version. Closes: #589299
2010-07-23 bubulleMerge upstream 2.0.5
2010-02-01 nekral-guest * debian/patches/series, debian/patches/translate_too...
2010-01-29 nekral-guest * debian/control: Added dependencies on python-django...
2010-01-13 nekral-guestpootle as /bin/false as shell, so we need to preserve...
2010-01-13 nekral-guest * debian/pootle.postinst: Use su instead of sudo...
2010-01-13 nekral-guest * debian/pootle.postinst: Create the pootle user...
2010-01-13 nekral-guest * debian/PootleServer.8: Updated manpage (old options...
2010-01-13 nekral-guest * debian/rules: Restore the ca@valencia PO files...
2010-01-13 nekral-guest * debian/pootle.init: Pass options from /etc/default...