2013-06-04 Stuart PrescottAdd APS and LNLS master
2013-05-26 Stuart PrescottInclude IP address of submitter
2013-05-22 Stuart PrescottAdd SSRL and ALS
2013-05-15 Stuart PrescottImport Makefile.local for additional config
2013-05-15 Stuart PrescottIgnore additional local files
2013-05-15 Stuart PrescottAdd CHES, NSLS, CAMD, Pohang, SPring-8, Kyoto IRR
2013-05-15 Stuart PrescottSanitise filenames from submissions
2012-12-30 Stuart PrescottAdd ALBA
2012-12-26 Stuart PrescottDocument each field in the facilities files
2012-12-26 Stuart PrescottAdd Elettra, Kurchatov, Solaris
2012-12-23 Stuart PrescottAdd links between list and map
2012-12-23 Stuart PrescottAdd note about mandatory fields in submission form
2012-12-23 Stuart PrescottAdd BESYII, PETRAIII, ANKA, DELTA, SLS
2012-12-23 Stuart PrescottAdd alt tag to close button
2012-12-23 Stuart PrescottAdd header and footer to map; improve instructions
2012-12-23 Stuart PrescottMove Australian facilities into an Oceania group
2012-12-23 Stuart PrescottAdd soleil synchrotron
2012-12-22 Stuart PrescottDon't over-encode URLs
2012-12-22 Stuart PrescottAdd maxlab
2012-12-21 Stuart PrescottExpand README with instructions for development
2012-12-21 Stuart PrescottEnsure URL encoding of & in links
2012-12-21 Stuart PrescottAdd helper to make a URL list to check
2012-12-21 Stuart PrescottFix broken URLs
2012-12-21 Stuart PrescottUse nice template for thanks message too
2012-12-21 Stuart PrescottAdd Australian Synchrotron
2012-12-21 Stuart PrescottImprove location of ILL
2012-12-21 Stuart PrescottAdd Type to boilerplate
2012-12-21 Stuart PrescottInclude LastUpdated in boilerplate
2012-12-21 Stuart PrescottMerge branch 'master' of /srv/git/smallanglemap
2012-12-21 Stuart PrescottAdd esrf logo
2012-12-21 Stuart PrescottAdd ESRF
2012-12-21 Stuart PrescottGet instrument name and url separately
2012-12-20 Stuart PrescottUpdate facilities
2012-12-20 Stuart PrescottAdd information panel to map page
2012-12-19 Stuart PrescottSplit facility listing by region
2012-12-19 Stuart PrescottPolish listings
2012-12-19 Stuart PrescottUpdate README for makefile
2012-12-08 Stuart PrescottAdd URLs to more instruments
2012-12-06 Stuart PrescottAdd a makefile to generate site
2012-12-06 Stuart PrescottImprove the do-not-edit headers
2012-12-06 Stuart PrescottAdd URL handling for each instrument
2012-12-06 Stuart PrescottRemove old formatter code
2012-12-06 Stuart PrescottDon't ignore png files
2012-11-27 Stuart PrescottInclude rendered png icons too
2012-11-27 Stuart PrescottDocument required python packages
2012-11-27 Stuart PrescottSplit out templates
2012-11-27 Stuart PrescottAdd .gitignore
2012-11-27 Stuart PrescottInitial import of facility map