2017-08-28 Lucas Nussbaumfix cleanup of hints files master
2017-08-28 Lucas Nussbaumscripts/vacuum: really fix load path hack :(
2017-08-28 Lucas Nussbaumscripts/vacuum: fix load path hack
2017-08-21 Andreas TilleCreate table for registry of biological applicatiopns...
2017-08-21 Andreas TilleTruncate registry table before filling it again
2017-08-21 Andreas TilleDeal with '#' in links and '&' in titles
2017-08-20 Andreas TilleMake sure registry will be read even if there are no...
2017-08-20 Andreas TilleInsert registry data
2017-08-20 Andreas TilleTake over registry data from upstream reader
2017-08-20 Andreas TilleMake sure the new registry data will be really propagated
2017-08-17 Andreas TilleReading registry fields in upstream/metadata
2017-08-13 Lucas Nussbaumfix loadpath
2017-08-12 Lucas Nussbaumtesting-status-update: fix library path
2017-08-12 Lucas Nussbaumalso dump the schema. this can prove useful sometimes...
2017-08-12 Lucas NussbaumAdd nodsa_reason to security tracker
2017-08-12 Lucas NussbaumDrop ubuntu-lintian. It seems the service is no longer...
2017-08-10 Lucas NussbaumFix remaining importers to use PG
2017-08-10 Lucas Nussbaumfix upstream importer to use PG
2017-08-10 Lucas Nussbaumfirst attempt, doesn't work
2017-08-10 Lucas Nussbaumdbi -> sequel migration for the core stuff
2017-08-10 Lucas NussbaumRemove old and useless script
2017-08-10 Lucas Nussbaummore migrations from dbi to sequel
2017-08-10 Lucas Nussbaummore dbi to sequel migration
2017-08-10 Lucas Nussbaumvacuum: convert to sequel
2017-08-10 Lucas Nussbaumminor fix post sequel switch
2017-08-10 Lucas Nussbaumfinish migration of cgis to sequel
2017-08-10 Lucas Nussbaummore dbi -> sequel migrations
2017-08-10 Lucas Nussbaummore dbi -> sequel migration
2017-08-10 Lucas Nussbaumtemporarily use a local Vagrant image
2017-08-10 Lucas Nussbaummore migrations to Sequel
2017-08-10 Lucas Nussbaummigrate more scripts to Sequel
2017-08-10 Lucas Nussbaummigrate DMD to Sequel
2017-08-10 Lucas Nussbaumdisable vpim hack (doesn't work in stretch)
2017-08-10 Lucas NussbaumConvert bugs.cgi to sequel
2017-08-10 Lucas NussbaumConfigure PG 9.6
2017-08-10 Lucas NussbaumRemove useless script
2017-08-07 Lucas Nussbaumfix information about RC/FTBFS bugs
2017-08-07 Lucas NussbaumAdd info about RC bugs and FTBFS bugs to sources_facts.cgi
2017-08-06 Lucas NussbaumSwitch URLs to https. Closes #863592
2017-08-06 Lucas NussbaumDMD: Remove spurious <br>. Closes: #854200
2017-07-13 Paul WiseUpdate accessibility team email address (Closes: #867786)
2017-06-18 Ivo De Deckersql: fix version number for jessie and stretch in last...
2017-06-18 Andreas TilleStretch is released, add buster as testing
2017-06-18 Ivo De Deckerupdate bugs-config for stretch release
2017-06-18 Ivo De Deckersql: update releases and bts_tags for stretch release
2017-06-17 Ivo De Deckerautoremovals.cgi: remove unused harcoded release name
2017-06-17 Ivo De Deckerarch.cgi: don't hardcode release name
2017-06-17 Ivo De Deckerswitch some links to https
2017-06-17 Ivo De Deckerremove unused debian-releases.yaml
2017-06-17 Ivo De Deckerdmd: get releases from db instead of yaml file
2017-06-17 Ivo De Deckerbapase.cgi: get releases from db instead of yaml file
2017-06-17 Ivo De Deckersources_facts.cgi: don't hardcode release names
2017-06-17 Ivo De Deckermentors.cgi: fix releases in query
2017-06-17 Ivo De Deckermentors.cgi replace PTS link with tracker
2017-06-17 Ivo De Deckermentors.cgi: change http links to https
2017-06-17 Ivo De Deckertesting-status-update: remove hardcoded release name
2017-06-17 Ivo De Deckergenerate-how-can-i-help: remove hardcoded release name
2017-06-17 Ivo De Deckerrcblog: remove hardcoded release name
2017-06-17 Ivo De Deckerbugs.cgi: remove all hardcoded release names
2017-06-17 Ivo De Deckerkkey-packages: fix handling excluded sources
2017-06-17 Ivo De Deckerkey-packages: don't hardcode testing release name
2017-06-17 Ivo De Deckerautoremovals: don't hardcode testing release name
2017-04-21 Mattia RizzoloUpdate Ubuntu releases
2017-04-17 Ivo De Deckerbugs.cgi: fix typo to display deferred uploads
2017-04-17 Ivo De Deckerbugs.cgi: add option to sort by autoremoval time
2017-02-09 Ivo De Deckersync hints timing with release site
2017-02-08 Andreas TilleMake sure code also works if no topic is given in edam...
2017-02-08 Andreas TilleDeal with single strings in topic description
2017-02-08 Andreas TilleAdd missing blend names to logging
2017-02-08 Andreas TilleAdd topic 'Structure prediction'
2017-02-07 Andreas TilleAdd isbn to defined fields
2017-02-07 Andreas TilleMention Blend in logging of metadata
2017-02-07 Andreas TilleMore robust import of edam files
2017-02-07 Andreas TilleIgnore first line of yaml file if '---'
2017-02-04 Ivo De Deckeradd hard-coded architecture list for stretch
2017-02-04 Niels ThykierRename some variables to be codename agnostic
2017-02-04 Niels ThykierReplace hardcoding of Jessie with a subst variable...
2017-01-26 Andreas TilleMake sure we really find a binary package for the sourc...
2017-01-24 Tomasz Niteckigenerate-how-can-i-help: Add bugs tagged 'help' to...
2017-01-24 Tomasz Niteckigenerate-how-can-i-help: Removed time limit for package...
2017-01-04 Andreas TilleAdd missing edam topic
2017-01-02 Andreas TilleMore verbose log file
2017-01-02 Andreas TilleEscape '_' signs in description
2017-01-02 Andreas TilleMore tolerance for types in upstream metadata
2016-12-29 Mattia Rizzoloautoremovals.yaml.cgi: force PyYAML to output the docum...
2016-10-25 Lucas Nussbaumfix syntax error
2016-10-24 Lucas NussbaumDrop pts gatherer, it's broken and useless anyway
2016-10-24 Lucas Nussbaumworkaround for invalid bug numbers. Closes: #840296
2016-10-24 Lucas Nussbaumvarious vagrant fixes
2016-10-20 Mattia RizzoloUpdate Ubuntu releases
2016-10-02 Paul WiseSort bugs and versions before saving them to the autore...
2016-10-01 Bas CouwenbergDon't use dc16 mirror in sources.list.
2016-08-20 Lucas NussbaumAdd ca-directory option
2016-08-20 Lucas NussbaumUpdate url for P-a-s
2016-08-01 Andreas Tillevery rude hack to cover cases with multi-line fields...
2016-07-24 Chris LambAdd reproducible builds usertag filter.
2016-07-21 Lucas NussbaumDMD: Escape source package names in URLs (thanks pochu...
2016-07-14 Lucas NussbaumAdd sources_facts.cgi
2016-07-13 Lucas NussbaumAdd CGI to filter list of source packages and keep...
2016-07-04 Lucas NussbaumDo minor PGSQL optimizations in the Vagrant setup