This is my little bit of the web. Everything here is in some way related to things that I am interested in now, or was interested in once. Some of it is possibly even interesting to you, which must be why you are reading this...

These pages are a hopefully interesting collection of various tidbits both old and new. Here you'll find some chemistry, some general geeking around and some ghosts of the web past.

Comments and praise welcome (drop me a line).

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I am an Associate Professor in Chemical Engineering at the Univesity of New South Wales.
Jan 1, 2021
First paper from nellie, our neutron reflection confinement cell: Measuring the structure of thin soft matter films under confinement: a surface-force type apparatus for neutron reflection, based on a flexible membrane approach published in Review of Scientific Instruments.
Nov 27, 2012
Debian mirror map using GeoIP to show mirror locations on Google Maps.
Aug 2, 2011

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