Stuart on the via ferrata ascent of Monte Paterno, Italy

About Me

I am a senior lecturer in Chemical Engineering at the University of New South Wales. My background is in colloid science, with recent research concentrating on measuring and understanding the interactions between nanoparticles, surfactants and polymers. The research has been funded through research councils and industrially funded PhD students. The principle techniques used have been relaxation/diffusion NMR, small-angle neutron scattering and neutron reflection.

Prior to moving to UNSW, I was a Marie Curie Research Fellow and then a lecturer in Physical Chemistry at the University of Bristol, where I ran the Polymers at Interfaces Group in collaboration with Prof. Terence Cosgrove.

More details of recent projects can found in the projects pages and on my publications list.

Other activities

I'm also active in the Debian project. I maintain a number of packages and help look after the Ultimate Debian Database. I was also a co-mentor for the Semantic Package Review Interface for Google Summer of Code 2012 project.

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